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My paintings are loose interpretations of Lake Erie and the natural world.

I paint in my studio and mostly from memory. When I am at the lake, I rarely bring more than a small sketchbook. The paintings depict the same location I have been visiting over the course of the past 15 years.


I rarely work on more than two pieces at a time and spend at least eight to ten sessions on a painting, allowing periods of rest between sessions to contemplate my next steps.

I think of my paintings as stories told to me by nature. They are quiet reflections on storms I witnessed, sunny and windy days and night time walks. I hope to encourage viewers to recognize their own bond and connection with the outdoors. 


As of late we have been witnessing increasingly more severe storms, heavy rainfalls, land erosion and harmful algal blooms along the lake giving way to rising concerns about the lake’s future.

My art is about finding stillness, love and healing.

Each painting represents a piece of my own personal healing journey. But mainly, it is a story of listening to the natural world and finding peace.

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